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I facilitate the creative process.

Make Music

I led the development of a free and evergreen educational experience at Splice that empowers beginners with the tools, theory, and techniques they need to create their first track.

Learning_Paths_Effects_Delay (2).gif
Learning_Paths_Effects_Reverb_v2 (1).gif

In addition to designing the curriculum and managing cross-functional content creation, I authored all of the music theory, mixing, and arrangement guides that are embedded throughout the experience.


For my master’s thesis at New York University, I created a proof-of-concept for Cadencia, a role-playing game that teaches harmonic cadences through storytelling.

Cadencia cover image.001.jpeg

Cadencia leverages the powerful synergy that exists between music creation and technology, and fills a unique void currently presented by formal music education.

cadencia 4.png
cadencia 3.png

The full thesis document detailing the motivations, development, and impact of Cadencia can be accessed here.

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